Investing in property

Make sure your figures add up

The British love affair with property investing has been very evident over the past decade and despite a tougher market, those looking to get into the market should beware of easy buy-to-let deals and still make sure their investment meets a strict checklist, or dreams of property riches may turn into financial disaster.
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Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance

Covering your monthly mortgage payments for a specified period – your questions answered.

If you fall behind with your mortgage repayments and cannot catch up again, you could eventually lose your home. But you can take steps to protect yourself against this risk by taking out Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance (MPPI).
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Checklist for investing landlords

A range of issues to consider before entering the residential lettings market

This checklist is an introduction to buy-to-let highlighting the types of questions you should be asking yourself before buying a property to let out. It is not intended as an exhaustive list, merely an introduction for new buy-to-let investors, to a range of issues they should consider before entering the residential lettings market for the first time.
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Housing private finance initiative

Government allocates £1.7bn for new homes

The Housing Minister John Healey recently announced £1.7bn funding to build 11,200 new homes and regenerate 10 of the most deprived areas of the country. Ten local authorities in six regions are to receive the cash under the housing private finance initiative (PFI) in order to allow them to deliver 4,500 new or improved council homes and 1,600 new affordable rented homes.
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Government mortgage schemes

Mixed reaction to the latest statistics

There has been a mixed reaction to the latest statistics monitoring take-up of the government’s mortgage rescue scheme. Some reports have focused on the low number of households that have taken up an offer under the scheme. So far, only six households have done so, although more than 5,300 have embarked on the first stage of approaching a local authority to inquire about mortgage rescue.
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